Free Cooling Unit (FCU)


It is ZASS who  has brought the concept of Free Cooling Unit in Bangladesh. The company has so far completed supply and installation  of  3876 sites of Robi, edotco, F@H and  Airtel . And another 300 sites are in the pipeline.  Zass  has already achieved customers satisfaction  and has become   the market leader in terms of lead time, quality, fastest delivery, installation , operation and maintenance.

Other Description


  1. Custom made solution – for new or existing RBS/BTS sites
  2.  Universal product design – wide environmental range of operations
  3. Customized capacity 
  4. Green technology –low power consumption
  5.  EC fan from world class manufacturer
  6.  Product life – long life of EC fan, controller and product body
  7. Multi functional controller – operate FCU and Aircon both along with alarms & data
  8. High airflow rate at minimum power consumption – suitable for multi BTS sites and small battery dimension