Fuel Cell


Hydrogen Fuel Cell’s

Fuel cells use hydrogen and oxygen, the molecules that create water, to produce electricity with no pollution, no noise and no vibrations. First conceived in 1839 and used by NASA, companies around the Zass Telecom and our Partner Horizon Technologies, have been developing and refining this technology as a means of replacing traditional battery and diesel generator systems to help address some of Bangladesh’s most difficult energy and environmental challenges.

Other Description

Coping with an ever-growing telecom network becomes more challenging, especially in places where the electrical grid is unreliable. Operators looking to extend back-up power capability must increase energy storage capacity, pushing today's mainstream technologies beyond their limits.

A Reformer based Hydrogen Fuel Cell is a device that produces pure hydrogen gas by reacting a methanol and water mixture. This mixture is standard industrial Methanol (IMPCA compliant) diluted with deionized water (ASTM type II) at ratio of 61.5% methanol, 38.5% by weight. Rather than referring to this as ‘diluted methanol’ our fuel goes under the friendlier name of “H2Go” and this is the most environmentally friendly fuel now available in Bangladesh.

We are offering two power systems which are 3kW (MFC3000) and 5kW (MFC5000), however other power configuration are also available

The MFC3000/MFC5000 with a foot-print of less than 1m2 offers immediate savings in space, weight, regulatory setbacks such as clear-space requirements, simplified refueling, and enables much longer and extended run times over traditional solutions.