Sirius Energy Storage


Better Energy through Energy Storage.

Other Description

The Sirius Energy Storage system introduces a new paradigm in energy storage. It is modular and scalable, and can be discharged rapidly or slowly, depending upon the requirements of the load.  With high DC to DC round-trip efficiency, no risk of thermal runaway, no heat generation during cycling, no memory effect, very low self-discharge rate (when in sleep mode), wide ambient operating temperature range, high C-rate capability and commercially acceptable form factor for low, medium or high voltage applications, the Sirius Energy Storage solution is the alternative to chemical batteries.


Sirius storage applications include: solar, cell tower, street lighting, wifi pole, UPS, microgrid and utility scale, and more.


Sirius Energy Storage is modular and scalable, available from Wh to MWh, and replaces chemical batteries in most applications.